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Environmental Care

Aladdin cares about the environment and we recognise the importance of operating in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.
As a result, we have implemented a number of recent initiatives to ensure our facility is as environmentally friendly as possible.

These initiatives including improved waste water management, reducing our heat and energy usage and recycling of all plastic and cardboard used in the business.

These initiatives have allowed us to reduce our carbon footprint, despite our businesses growth over the last few years.
Water Management
The installation of advanced water management systems has allowed us to reduce our water consumption by 30% despite an overall increase in business volume. Our water management systems incorporates the latest in water reuse and filtering technology including reclaiming excess heat from waste water and improving our water extraction capabilities allowing us to use less energy when drying linen.
Decrease in heat and energy usage
Our state of the art boiler heat reclaim system, utilising boiler waste heat to produce hot water for our washing machines and boiler feed tanks has led to a decrease in energy usage.

Further reductions in our carbon footprint have been through newly installed gas dryers and a gas fired ironing line.
We reuse and recycle wherever we can. This includes manufacturing old pillow cases and linen into polish clothes and rags for further use.

We also undertake an extensive cardboard and plastic recycling program throughout our facility, ensuring all plastic and cardboard products are recycled appropriately.
The Enviro Cloth
Our specially produced Enviro Cloth is a re-used, recycled, 100% lint free polish cloth allowing many of our customers to use a high quality but environmentally friendly polish cloth for their glassware.
Reducing our Fuel Consumption
Our fleet of new generation Isuzu trucks has helped us to decrease our fuel consumption by 10% as well as helping us limit carbon and other toxic emissions.